Frequently asked questions

  • Security

    How does tooyoo ensure that my data is safe?

    Your information is stored in a digital safe located exclusively in Switzerland. Your data is therefore subject to strict Swiss privacy and data-protection laws.

    The tooyoo platform uses a complex encryption system with several encryption levels. A first level guarantees the end-to-end security of data transmitted to tooyoo. A second level of encryption is performed directly on the servers in Switzerland, i.e. your data is encrypted a second time on the server side. So even in the unlikely event of a cyber-attack on these servers, your data would be unusable.

    >In addition, you may enable two-step authentication.

    Does tooyoo have access to my encrypted data?

    For your security and ours, we have the right to access your encrypted data only in the event that a judicial authority requires it to be produced.

    This secure key is filed with a notary and can only be activated in this specific case.

    What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

    Simply request a password reset on the tooyoo website. We will email you a new one within 24 hours.

    Why do I have to wait up to 24 hours for my new password?

    To ensure maximum security, your password is not stored in the tooyoo system. Moreover, your password serves to encrypt the key providing access to your data. When resetting a password, we must first generate the new password, then use it to encrypt your key before emailing your new login details. This procedure requires time and the utmost care. It is performed by a tooyoo employee to guarantee that your data remains confidential and safe at all times. In other words, no third party can access your data without your consent.

    Why do I have to upload an official death certificate to access data regarding my loved one? (Premium account)

    To ensure data confidentiality and security, tooyoo staff verify the validity of all death certificates submitted. Only once the certificate has been validated will you, as the legacy contact, be able to access your personal data.

  • Legal

  • Price

    How much does a tooyoo subscription cost?

    The tooyoo platform gives you free access to a starter account, which allows you to share your vital medical information with your loved ones.

    Premium membership costs CHF 39 annually or CHF 599 for life, allowing access to all the other categories, from funeral arrangements and termination of online accounts (with option to request automatic deletion in the event of death) to administrative matters, including an automatic letter generator and estate management.

    What do I have access to with a free starter account?

    You have access to the entire medical-information section, concerning organ donation preferences, advance directives, information regarding medical emergencies as well as emergency contacts and lasting power of attorney. All this information may be shared with your legacy contacts via the platform. You can thus ensure that your loved ones always have access to your information in times of need.

    What does Premium membership of CHF 39 or CHF 599 for life give me access to?

    You will receive the following benefits:

    • Generation of your personal precaution file at any time
    • Digital storage of emergency information, final wishes, texts, legal documents, administrative documents and other important details as well as photos
    • Assistance when entering information
    • Strong data security, including data encryption
    • Choice of legacy contacts, who will receive segmented information as needed
    • Interactive automatic checklist that helps in managing the death, including generation of subscription-cancellation and other letters.
    • Disclosure of confidential data only once death certificate has been properly verified
    • Unlimited changes free of charge
    • Round-the-clock availability on any device
    • Service providing automatic deletion of social media accounts by tooyoo included, if desired

    What payment methods are accepted by tooyoo?

    Services can be paid for by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), Paypal, Postfinance card, Twint or using an invoice.

  • Legacy contacts

    What is a legacy contact?

    A legacy contact is a person whom you trust such as your partner or spouse, one of your children, a close friend or even a trusted organisation.

    If they are invited to the platform, they will have to create an account. This is completely free of charge; it merely serves to give your legacy contacts access to your information. They will be responsible for carrying out your last wishes. Note that a legacy contact is not an executor.

    What can my legacy contact see and when ?

    We have a system that gives access to data based on 3 levels:

    • 1st level: medical information is always accessible to your trusted persons, so that they can quickly and easily access emergency information.
    • 2nd level: following the death, the data on funeral wishes is released so that the family can organise the funeral.
    • 3rd level: as soon as the death certificate is received and validated by tooyoo, confidential data on online accounts, paperwork and the inheritance is made available.

    How do I notify tooyoo that a loved one has passed away? (Premium account)

    tooyoo will only act on notifications submitted by a legacy contact of the deceased person. On the legacy contact home page, select your loved one by clicking on the ‘See file’ button. Then click on ‘Submit notification of death’ in the top right-hand corner and fill in the notification form.

    Can I designate more than one legacy contact?

    Yes. We even encourage you to have several legacy contacts. However, please select them carefully, as they will be responsible for carrying out your final wishes and should be willing and able to do so.

    Can I be my own legacy contact?

    No. This would be incompatible with how the platform functions.

    What should I consider when choosing my legacy contacts?

    We recommend designating a variety of legacy contacts, for example your partner or spouse, parents, your children, a close friend or an organisation that you trust. If you have only one legacy contact who tragically happens to pass away at the same time as you (in an accident, for example), no one else will be able to access your final wishes on tooyoo. We advise discussing being a legacy contact with these people before inviting them via the tooyoo platform.

    What should I do if I no longer wish to be a legacy contact?

    Simply click ‘I no longer wish to be a legacy contact’ in your legacy contact dashboard and confirm. Your loved one will then be notified by email. However, we strongly recommend discussing this decision with your loved one before submitting such a request.

    Can I remove a legacy contact from my account?

    Yes. Simply click on ‘Remove this legacy contact’ and confirm. Your legacy contact will then be notified by email. However, we strongly recommend discussing this decision with your legacy contact before removing them from your account.

    Will the other legacy contacts automatically be informed if I notify tooyoo of my loved one’s death? (Premium account)

    No. When you notify tooyoo of your loved one’s death, your dashboard will list the names, email addresses and phone numbers (if available) of all the other legacy contacts. We recommend that you get in touch with each one of them individually. In addition, an email will be sent to your loved one’s email address as a security precaution, informing them that one of their legacy contacts has submitted notification of their death. They can then cancel this notification at any time in the event of an error. Your loved one will also know who submitted the notification.

  • General

    Can I export the data I have provided?

    Yes, you can export the data at any time in the form of the personal planning file. You can access this directly on the main screen after you have registered.

    Is it an app?

    It is a web app. It means that you can access the tooyoo website from any device via the web link. You do not need to download an application.

    Why are there so many questions to answer?

    You are not required to answer all of these questions. To ensure tooyoo’s usefulness to legacy contacts, we recommend that you answer the key questions at the very least. Ideally, we would prefer you to answer all questions so that your legacy contacts will know exactly what all of your final wishes are.

    Why is it important to provide as much information as possible?

    The more personal details you provide, the more information your legacy contacts will have, making it easier for them to carry out the tasks in their timeline. You should therefore fill in your profile and answer as many questions as possible.

    Can I leave certain decisions to my loved ones?

    Yes. We even recommend letting legacy contacts make certain funeral decisions so they can say their final farewell in a manner meaningful to them. Simply answer these questions with ‘No response’.

    My mother is too old and has no access to the Internet. What solution do you propose?

    We offer support services for people who do not wish to do so individually or who do not have the tools or computer knowledge to do so. Discover all our services and the advantages of creating a tooyoo file.

    Does tooyoo take advantage of the deceased's money?

    Our solution has no intention of taking money from the deceased, because it is for the living. You prepare your end-of-life document in all conscience, whether it is at 20, 30, 60 or even 90 years of age. Our objective is to relieve families, by helping them through the process and saving them time and money. Once the death of a tooyoo customer has been confirmed, all the information transmitted is free of charge to the legacy contacts.

    How will you concretely help me to deal with my grandmother's death?

    If your grandmother had an account on tooyoo and entered all her information there, you will benefit from an interactive and personalised checklist. You will be guided through all the steps and procedures following the death based on all of your grandmother's information. You will also be able to access the automatic termination-letter generator. All these services are free of charge.

    I already have a will/funeral planning/a file at home/advance directives. Does this not do the same job as your solution?

    No. Our platform will also contain information in digital form about your will, funeral plan, files and advance directives. But it goes much further, because our system will generate an interactive and personalised checklist for your legacy contacts. They will be guided through all the steps and procedures following the death based on all your information. They will also benefit from the automatic termination-letter generator, which will make their lives much easier. In addition, it will not be necessary for your legacy contacts to pick up all the documents from your home because everything is accessible from any connected device.

    What is your relationship with the Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company?

    Tooyoo is a project that was initiated by Swiss Mobiliar but is managed independently.

    Will Swiss Mobiliar have access to my data and profile?

    Tooyoo is a project that was initiated by Swiss Mobiliar but is managed independently.

    Will Swiss Mobiliar send an insurance advisor to my home?

    No. The Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company has no access to your data or knowledge of your name.

  • Referral scheme

    How does the referral scheme work?

    The referral scheme is reserved for tooyoo Premium members. Through referral scheme, your friends and family can get their tooyoo subscription at a discounted price of CHF 9 instead of CHF 39.

    To make this happen, go to your Account. In the menu click on referral scheme. Then invite a friend or family member by sharing the referral link. If a friend or family member becomes a Premium member because of your recommendation and uses your personalised link, you will receive an additional year of Premium membership. If you succeed in referring 10 people, you will receive lifetime membership (CHF 599).

    Once this has been corroborated for each of the 10 accounts, you will receive a lifetime membership voucher. Your referral code is unique and has no expiry date. However, if the referral scheme is discontinued, the code will no longer be usable.

    I am referring a friend. What information is shared?

    By referencing a person, you send your referral code, as well as your first and last name. No other information about you is provided.

    I would like to benefit from a referral code. What information will be sent to my referrer?

    Your referrer knows the people who used his or her referral code, but only the first and last name.

    What are the benefits?

    The referrer receives an additional year of membership for free (with a value of CHF 39) for all new Premium members referred. If the referrer already has a lifetime Premium account, the gift after 10 referrals is the same but can be transmitted as a discount code to another person of their choice.

    The referred person receives a discount of CHF 30 that can be used for an annual or lifetime Premium membership. None of these benefits may be cashed in.

    Can I be referred if I already have a tooyoo account?

    You can only benefit from the referral code if you are not a Premium customer yet.

    What is the difference between a referee and a legacy contact?

    The referee does not have access to your data, unlike your legacy contact. The referral scheme simply offers you and your family and friends benefits in kind. Your referee can become your legacy contact, but you must invite him or her.

    A legacy contact can also be referred by his or her loved one if he or she wishes so.