Our philosophy

Losing a loved one is an emotionally difficult experience. Countless decisions have to be made and a seemingly endless list of preparations carried out at short notice. We lessen the burden on family and friends by offering a safe place where you can document your final wishes – thereby streamlining this painful yet necessary process.

Our aim is to address the sensitive subject of death at any age openly and candidly. We also encourage families to discuss these questions beyond the confines of our service. That’s because we believe interpersonal ties are paramount and have therefore designed tooyoo as a bridge between family members/close friends. In our view, tooyoo is simply an innovative means of fostering discussion, by offering questions to consider and the opportunity to gather meaningful tokens of remembrance for future generations.

Our philosophy is to provide a simple, efficient way to document your final wishes. However, supporting the bereaved by providing clear indications and key information does not mean setting every decision in stone. It is important to allow your family and friends a say in funeral arrangements and other events reflecting on your life and legacy.

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