Data security at tooyoo

The sensitive nature of the information stored on Tooyoo requires the implementation of a high level of security. It is for this reason that all possible security measures have been taken to ensure that only you and the trustee you selected have access to your information.

  • Data storage in Switzerland

    Data storage in Switzerland

    All of your data saved on tooyoo is stored in a data center in Basel, Switzerland. Our host is completely conform with ISO-27001 standards, which impose strict rules for IT security.

  • Data encryption

    Encryption of your answers

    We regard all information entered into the platform as highly sensitive. This is why every information and document on tooyoo is encrypted before being saved in the data center. No one besides yourself and your confidants will have access to the content of your account.

  • Management of digital assets

    Unhackable passwords

    Passwords are being hashed and mixed with salts based on PBKDF2 and SHA256 protocols before being stored in the data center. Thereby, it becomes impossible for others to find out your password.

  • Advance directives

    Two-factor authentication

    As an additional security layer, you can activate the two-factors-authentification. You can then choose to add either a token generator or receiving codes on your phone as a second verification step.

  • Management of digital assets

    Extensive usage of HTTPS protocols

    Each page visited and every information entered in your dashboard travels across a secured internet tunnel. This HTTPS tunnel guarantees you that no one else can intercept your data on its way from your computer to our servers.