• Digital inheritance

    Have you ever asked yourself the question about what will happen to your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts once you are no longer around? Or how should you manage this kind of data after a loved one has passed away? Such questions are quite normal. Merely a glance at our daily routines is enough for us to understand the importance of our digital inheritance.

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  • The death notice

    Issuing a death notice is a common formality that publicly announces the death of a person. Because it is published in the press, it can reach a wider circle of friends and acquaintances. It is not the same thing as an announcement of death, which is sent to the family and to close friends of the deceased. This is usually sent out quickly to give details of the funeral so that people can make arrangements to attend. By contrast, notice of death can be published either before or after the funeral.

    A small text that is governed by a few rules. Discover them in the rest of our article.

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  • Writing a power of attorney

    As people we are used to making our own decisions about key personal issues, for example how we handle our money, organise our everyday life and how we see our life evolving. But one day we might be faced with a situation in which we are no longer capable of making any decisions, perhaps as a result of an accident or an illness. If that happens, someone else must make the decisions for us.

    In Switzerland, the power of attorney was introduced in 2013 to secure the rights of adults who find themselves in this situation. Unfortunately, it is not yet widely known. What is the purpose of a power of attorney, what form should it take and how does it differ from a signing authority?

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  • Advance directives

    Advance directives are a widely discussed theme but only a very small proportion of the population actually have them. The article will specify exactly what they are and why they are important. It will also look at their legal force and how to approach writing them.

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